Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics.
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Dr. Dickens, James (ECE)

Co-Director, P3E
Charles Bates Thornton Professor

Research specialty:
Power electronics, aerospace electronics, electric space propulsion and pulsed power technology, high efficiency power processing, high power solid state lasers and power electronics, explosive pulsed power and microwave communication systems

Dr. Neuber, Andreas (ECE)

Co-Director, P3E
AT&T Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Whitfield Horn Professor

Research specialty:
Dielectric Surface Flashover, HV Electric Breakdown, Gaseous Electronics, High Power Microwaves, Pulsed Power Technology, Non-intrusive high speed plasma diagnostic (OSE,  LIF, CARS, Raman), Microdischarges

Dr. Giesselmann, Mike (ECE)

Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research specialty:
Gas Discharges, Electrical and Optical Diagnostics, H.V. Measuring Techniques, High Power Switching, Power Electronics

Dr. He, M. (ECE)

Assistant Professor

Research specialty:
Cyber-physical Power Systems, Monitoring and Data Fusion for Smart Grids, Power system Operations with High Penetration of Renewable Reources, Online Dynamic Security Assessment of Power Systems Using PMU Measurements

Dr. Bayne, Stephen (ECE)


Research specialty:
Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Devices, Renewable Energy, Pulsed Power

Dr. Mankowski, John (ECE)

Associate Professor

Research specialty:
Pulsed Power Technology, Electric Space Propulsion, Liquid and Gas Discharge Physics, Railgun Technology, Explosive Pulsed Power, and High Power Microwave Generation

Dr. Hatfield, Lynn (Physics)

Professor Emeritus

Research specialty:
Surface Physics, Atomic Physics, Electrical Space Propulsion, Dielectrids, High Voltage Insulators, High Power Microwaves

Dr. Joshi, R. (ECE)


Research specialty:
Pulsed Power and High Power Microwaves, High Field Transport and Semiconductor Modeling, Electrophysics, Bio-electrics