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About The Arthur H. Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award

The Pulsed Power Science and Technology Committee's Outstanding Pulsed Power Student Award (established in 1997) was renamed the Arthur H. Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award in 2007 following the passing of Dr. Guenther. The Award is to recognize outstanding contributions as a student in pulsed power engineering, science or technology. A recipient is selected each year but awarded biennially at the Pulsed Power Conference Banquet.

This award is $1,000 and Certificate.

Funded by the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society's International Pulsed Power Conference budget.

Awarded annually, with presentation at the biennial IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference Awards Banquet.


About the P3E Center

The Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics (P3E) has three primary research areas:   Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Power Electronics.

Plasma research includes a small Tokomak used for wave propagation studies, applications of plasma technology to pulsed power devices, plasma synthesis of thin films, high power microwave generation, and electric space propulsion engines.

Pulsed power research concentrates on high power switching, materials studies, and high power microwaves. The program is heavily interdisciplinary and involves faculty members from EE, ME, Physics and Chemistry.

Power electronics research is focused on very large power IGBT's, Ultra High Power SCR's, advanced electrical and thermal packaging, robust controls for plasma arcs, and high bandwidth monitoring and control of electric machines. The program is also involved in the development of a power electronics curriculum at the national level in collaboration with the University of Minnesota.

Faculty Books
Explosively Driven Pulsed Power
Helical Magnetic Flux Compression Generators
Series: Power Systems
Neuber, Andreas A. (Ed.)
2005, XII, 280 p. 203 illus., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3540260516 
J.C. Martin on Pulsed Power
Series: Advances in Pulsed Power Technology, Vol. 3
Martin, T.H.; Guenther, A.H.; Kristiansen, M. (Eds.)
1996, 535 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0306453029
Gas Discharge Closing Switches
Series: Advances in Pulsed Power Technology , Vol. 2
Schaefer, Gerhard; Kristiansen, M.; Guenther, A.H. (Eds.)
1991, 600 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0306436192
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